Methods of meditations you with music

12 September, 2011

Methods of Meditations

We all know there are many different methods of meditation to help relieve stress and to relieve tension and relax you. The first thing you want to do is remember that there are ways to meditate that will fit your lifestyle. You may have a friend that has used meditation to help them relax and would want to give you advice on how they meditate. You must realize that the person you are talking to has a whole different lifestyle then you do.

Your friend can suggest ways that help him or her but will it help you? If you are an active person exercise can be a very good and healthy way to meditate. Walking can be very relaxing and it can give you time to gather your thoughts while getting healthy at the same time. If you are not the kind of person that is not use to a lot of exercise and you feel walking would help you meditate make sure you start out slowly. Do not try and walk 2 or 3 miles starting out. You want to meditate but you want to relax while doing it. If you are not use to exercise you do not want to ware yourself out.Walk slowly and take time to gather your thoughts.

One of the most relaxing ways I find to meditate is by prayer. I will be the first to admit I do not know a lot about the bible and probally do not actually pray in the way that most people do who know a lot about the bible. My point is I want to relax and have time to myself by meditating and I take my comfort in the lord. I guess you can say I talk to the lord more then I pray. I actually feel that me talking from my heart is the same as saying a prayer from your heart.
I remember my mother would take the prayer list from church and no matter how many peoples names were on the list she took the time to sit and meditate and say a prayer of healing and comfort for each and everyone on the prayer list. My husband finds he can meditate and relax by listening to music. He actually has hundreds even thousands of different types of music he listens to. His nerves are not really good so his comfort is in his music and he plays the radio day in and day out. He mostly listens to classic country and the oldies station.

The music helps him concentrate and keep his thoughts together.Another way I find of meditating is through animals.You can talk to your pet without worrying about him talking back to you like a child would. You can curl up on the couch turn the television on low and just communicate with your pet. You may think how do you communicate with an animal? Animals are very smart. They understand what you are trying to do.

If you have had a bad day they can comfort you by just being there for you.If you have a dog or a cat let them sit or lay next to you and pet them and you will be so relaxed you will forget about the stress your day has brought. So whether you are meditating by a method of exercise, or a method of communicating with your animals or by prayer take the time to just relax your mind and your body and you will be physically and emotionally stress free.

Remember meditation is basically taking the time to collect your thoughts and when you take the time to get your thoughts together your mind will then be able to concentrate on the things that are important in your life.



Clearing Your Mind Through Meditation

9 August, 2011


Clearing your mind through meditation is one of the most peaceful ways you can find to just relieve all the tension you have in your body. Once your mind and body are relaxed you can start to just enjoy some time to yourself. I know that most of us listen to the radio at some point of the day. You may enjoy music ranging from country,to easy listening,to disco,soft rock,classic country,or even blue grass.

Whatever kind of music you enjoy you can find this as a very relaxing way of meditation. For a lot of you that are in good physical shape and like to exercise in a gym at home or even by jogging you want to be able to free your mind of a lot of things that have bothered you through the day.If you are out and about doing your exercises take a Walkman with you and just put it on a station that you really like and let the music just relax all of your tension.

If you are at home exercising or even cooking or cleaning if you have a CD player get one of your favorite Cd’s and play it while you are doing the things you need to do.You can also just go get some blank tapes and record your favorite music off the radio for your meditation. One of the things I find relaxing is listening to music while I am working on the computer.

I have found free sites such as lime wire and frost wire and have taken the time to download my all time favorite songs. I transfer the songs I enjoy into my windows media player and play my music everyday when I am on the computer. I just quietly sing along to my favorite music relax and just meditate about my day. I actually use my keyboard a lot and have to do a lot of typing about different subjects. I have found that if I am not I will make many mistakes in my work which I can’t afford to do.

I know I need to be completely relaxed so I pull up my windows media player and play my most favorite songs that will help me to use mediation to get my work done. I have also bought some blank Cd’s and burned my favorite songs and then listen to that CD while working on the computer or even going somewhere in my car. After having a busy long hard day and I know I still have to drive home and start my routine of cooking,helping kids with homework,giving the kids a bath and getting them to bed.

As soon as I get in my car and I think about all the things I will have to do I put my CD in the player clear my mind and relax and meditate. After I get all my work done I put the kids to bed and the house is very quiet I will draw me a hot bubble bath and listen to my music and just clear my mind and gather my thoughts so I then can start the next day with a clear head.

So whether you enjoy meditating by exercising,shopping,or listening to your favorite music you will find once you have released all of your tension you can then start to feel good about yourself and when you feel good about yourself you can then feel good about your lif